Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Do you know Justin Bieber?

Another week of shoebox delivery is well underway. The British team arrived on Monday and the last two days have been spent in schools around town and out in the villages. It's been great to see the final stage of the whole shoebox project, having seen boxes made up at home, delivered and displayed at church, and driven off to the distribution point in Eastborne. The boxes we're delivering here were made up in the UK and Ireland so we can really say that these gifts have come from our home for the children. Here are a few pictures:

When you start thinking about shoeboxes for next Christmas, feel free to make up boxes for older children (10-14) as there are never enough, especially for the boys. Hats/scarves/gloves are usually a winner, along with some chocolate and a ball.
Yesterday at one of the schools a group of girls of about 11 got very excited and asked if I knew Justin Bieber. (For those of you who aren't sure, Justin Bieber is a 16 year old popstar/singer type person. Look at his pretty face: ). I told them that I didn't know Justin Bieber but that apparently didn't translate very well and they asked me to please tell him that they love him and that he should go to Kosovo to sing for them. I promised I would when I next saw him. Is that bad? They really do love him (including the boys, I checked) and they show their love through graffiti on the main school door:

11 year old girls are the same the world over apparently.
I've been to Kid's Club, church and bible study since being here but as these are weekly occurences I'll come back to those at a later date. For now you can just know that I'm loving all of them!

If you're an attendee at Bromley Baptist, there should be some prayer cards around on Sunday morning, destined for your fridge doors. And if you've been praying for me, please know that you are being heard and answered.


  1. looks like ur having a good time! i like it!

  2. Ha ha!
    Bieber fever is well scary.
    i always use graffitti to express my love.
    Not for Bieber, but other things. And people.
    You know.

  3. Haha :) this proves that beliebers are all over the place! missing you ali and praying for you xxxx isobel

  4. All sounds great so far - when will we hear about the knitting?
    Praying for you as you get to know people and share your life and Jesus with them.


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