Sunday, 9 January 2011

Casting On

The countdown is on. I'm leaving in 3 days and most of you have seen me for the last time until at least April. This might be a tough week for you but try and hold it together.

I've not really got much to say at this point but I wanted to give you the chance to get into the habit of remembering to check this blog at least once a day. So well done, add me to your favourites bar and prepare to be entertained.

Actually, the knitting thing - I'm taking mine with me, planning to create a bundle of mittens and gloves and jumpers in between all the teas and coffees and cake and bible study. I've perfected the cable stitch and I'm excited!

Also, thank you SO BLOOMING MUCH to everybody who has sent their hard earned cash in my direction. You have all be extremely generous and I feel very honoured that you're trusting me with your money. I will do my very best to spend it wisely and prayerfully.

Sorry, turns out I did have a bit to say. Or that when allowed a free reign, I will just keep talking. You can skim read from now on, I won't mind. Or know.

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