Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Word

Many of you will be experienced bible study attendees and I would like you to think about the usual post-bible study chit chat. For those of you who aren't bible study-ers, here's a little insight - "That was really good, what a great passage" or "Man alive, that was so dull". I've said both. However, this weeks post-bible study chat centred on "And the power stayed on the whole time!". Bible study here is a whole other beast....

It genuinely is great news when the power stays on for bible study, just because it reduces the need for torches. There is a generator and usually we'll end up with some light, but it's always nice to not have to shout over the generator noise. And we need the generator because without that we have no heaters and no hot water for post-bible study tea.
The group here is made up of several local teenagers and a bunch of random foreigners. It is the believing community here in town, a relatively small group but definitely very lively. They have been working through the book of Luke and this week we reached the passage on giving taxes to Caesar. Most of it goes on in Albanian so I just pick up what gets translated, but the point at which the whiteboard got utilised and tax brackets drawn up, I managed to catch up. Just about. Not really. I did work at the Treasury but that doesn't mean I have any clearer idea on finance. Tax is just confusing.
It is great to be a part of this small but passionate community of young believers. It's really brilliant to gather in a cold room, around the heaters, keeping coats, hats, scarves, gloves etc on, just to open the Bible and get involved. It's like the Early Church, simple, basic, fresh. I love it. I am still waiting however for the great movement of Heavenly Power that will allow me to speak fluent Albanian. I wait in faith.

Here is a picture of me with my post-bible study cup of tea and AMAZING brownie. I finally remembered to bring my own milk and teabag this week, otherwise I have to drink coffee or fruit tea, neither of which make me particularly happy. But from here on in I will be well equipped to finish my Bible Study evening off in Great British Style.

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